Thank you for visiting the Veterinary Healthcare Center Adoption Page!

Here you will find any animal that may have been abandoned at our clinic, rescued by a staff member, or have otherwise lost their family. Whatever the case may be, all animals listed here are up for adoption, and are looking forward to being a loving addition to your family. We will try to post as much information as possible on each animal listed so that you and your family can make an informed decision. However, don’t base your choice strictly on our words. Feel free to call us to schedule an appointment to come meet and greet one of our orphans!

Animals that are brought into our clinic that have been lost but have no form of identification, including microchips, may also be posted on this page. Keep an eye out on the pets listed on this page…they may belong to a neighbor of yours and you may be able to reunite them.


Below you will see animals currently in our clinic looking for loving homes. Browse around and feel free to contact us in regards to any of them at (323) 890-9000.

Found Animals

Here you can view animals that have been found either by our staff or clients that are currently in our care. These animals come to us with no identification and may be waiting for their owners to find them. If any of the following animals belong to you or may look familiar to you, please contact us at (323) 890-9000. Thank you!